Crane Capacity Upgradation

Crane capacity upgradation can save over 50% of cost as compared to replacement of existing crane by new. However, Crane upgradation needs high degree of understanding of crane design and analytical ability to carry out accurate reverse engineering. In most of the cases manufacturing drawings of existing crane are not available with the crane user and in such a situation detailed study of existing crane is essential to determine its suitability for capacity/ span upgradation.

Study of Crane Operation to determine duty cycle, Crane audit, Visual observation, dimensional verification, NDT testing of plates to determine residual thickness of load bearing structures, measurement of speeds of Hoist, CT and LT motions, measurement of motor currents, measurement of crane girder deflection under load and analysis of structures using computerised software such as STAAD & ANSYS are some of the technique that we employ to determine whether the crane is suitable for upgradation.

We also undertake upgradation of complete electrical system of crane. This may include replacement of slipring motors by Sq Cage motors with VVVF Control, provision of compact festoon cable system / drag chain in place of open wire system for trolley power supply, replacement of Angle Type DSL / open wire DSL by Shrouded Bus bars, Changing of Electrical Cables and Installation of Electronic Load weighing system/ Overload limiter on Crane.

Our design team has hands on experience of designing cranes for wide range of application ranging from Workshop duty, Power Plant, Cement Plant, General Engineering to Steel Mill duty. Our team has designed Ladle Handling Cranes, Magnet Cranes, Grab Bucket Cranes, Tong Cranes, Rotating Beam Crane up to 500 MT Capacity. Our head of Design has more than 40 years of experience in Design of EOT and Gantry Cranes.